About LupoTherm » Why Lupotherm?

Reflection durability:

Outer reflex layers Lupotherm it’s sealed from both sides in PP foil. With such application is reached extremely high reflection shine which not only reflect IR shine in practically all spectrum, but mainly it doesn’t oxidize aluminum not even after tens years (after 100-hunddert years simulation was in Lupotherm recorded only 2% decrease of refection).

Safety (lighting strike):

By Lupotherm is aluminum on foil steamed in vacuum in micron-size balls which are not galvanic connected to each other and foil layer which have applied aluminum on surface is sealed from both sides in next two PP foils. When lightning strike hit Lupotherm then he behaves as dielectric (electric insulator) and that’s the reason why is not necessary grounded and still is no danger from electric current.

Thermal bridges and mold:

In Lupotherm is aluminum layer in reflex foil ca 100x thinner then human hair and ca 1000x thinner then thickness of all-aluminum foil. Aluminum steamed balls doesn’t touch each other. So even reflex foil at Lupotherm leads heat too is transmitted energy too small for creating thermal bridges when connecting belt (check with thermo camera). Extra PP foil doesn’t oxidize and that’s why cannot any mold arise.

Electromagnetic waves:

Lupotherm doesn’t reflect electromagnetic waves but absorbs. This ability is given by sparing aluminum in micron small balls sort which have no electric contact between each other and do not form complete conductive surface. Lupotherm absorbs electromagnetic waves produced by external and also internal sources so living in these shielded space is very healthy and people in houses insulated by Lupotherm practically don’t have problems with insomnia, migraine and another symptom of civilizations illness. These healthy environments have restriction too. Have a mobile call (if ALL HOUSE is insulated by Lupotherm) is possible only in rooms with window. Or you can have installed GSM repeater, which allows calling from everywhere and for shielding the most using rooms (bedroom and nursery) can be use thinnest Lupotherm 2 which will hire ensure healthy environment without electro- even if in house is GSM repeater.

Fire resistance:

In flammability are almost no differences with reflex isolation. In direct fire it will totally burn. It is because of using plastic which fill space between reflex foil (bubbles foils, PUR foam etc.). In construction are reflect foil positing every time under some cover envelope (roofing, facade panels) so it is not exposed to direct fire but only high temperatures when plastic only boil.


In general true is that by all reflex insulations is application very simple, clean and extremely fast.

Plastic foil with vacuum spray (Lupotherm) can be bended and stick how many times you want. Hire will not occurs to damage of reflect layer (it is sealed in plastic foil) and even decrease of reflect by crease (plastic foil will automatically smooth - doesn’t hold shape as plate).

Layers assembly:

Lupotherm is formed from combination of only two materials - reflects and bubbles foils from HDPE. Its acoustic attributes are worse than at competitive products but thermal insulations attributes are better than from others brands.


In the comparative measurement isolation Lupotherm 3cm and isolations with aluminum foils (35mm thickness) from Czech producer (measured was the energy consumption required to maintain temperature of 23°C in cubes 1m3 placed in a freezing car with temperature -25°C), was the consumption in the building insulated by Lupotherm about 11,6% less.